Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

New York University, Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Health Coach Training

After graduating with an English and History degree, Elizabeth was unsure of her next career step. A summer internship at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in her hometown of Buffalo, led to a research position and her decision to complete her pre-health coursework. Bye-bye Shakespeare, hello organic chem. Upon finishing a year and half of hardcore science courses and research, Elizabeth was torn about where to go next—Med school? Dental school? Nothing felt quite right. And so she decided to take a step back and fulfill her dream of moving to NYC by taking a job with a high-end jewelry company based in Manhattan. During this time, Elizabeth began to discover her love for nutrition as a science. She was hooked on podcasts and books about the microbiome, longevity, supplements, nutrition to prevent and treat chronic disease, you name it—but there was so much conflicting information out there. She watched her friends and family members taking supplement advice from TV personalities and trying endless diets that never worked. What was science and what was snake oil? She had to get to the bottom of things, so she applied to NYU’s Master’s program in Clinical Nutrition. Now armed with years of endless studying and her Master’s degree, Elizabeth is deeply passionate about taking the complex science of nutrition and distilling it into easy-to-follow, clear, sustainable advice to enable her clients and patients to make meaningful changes to improve their health.

Elizabeth received her Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University and completed her clinical training at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. She’s spent that past year working as an inpatient dietitian at Montefiore caring for patients in the cardiology, general medicine, oncology, and high risk maternity units.

She specializes in fertility, maternity, GI disorders, pre-diabetes and diabetes, cancer prevention, sustainable weight loss, and nutrition for longevity.

Elizabeth is a bookworm, nature lover, former ballet dancer who resides in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. In her spare time, she enjoys long strolls through her neighborhood or popping on an audiobook or podcast and experimenting with different recipes in the kitchen.

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