Everything You Need to Know About Nutrition and Eggs

July 31, 2020


Vanessa Rissetto

I love eggs. Eggs are my favorite – I eat them all the time, and I eat them every day. Eggs are my “desert island” choice. Well, my children would be my first choice, but eggs would be a close second! I’m going to fully break down the nutrition of eggs for you…let’s get into it.

It seems like every other day there is a new study on eggs and each one contradicts the one before. Who can keep up with all of it, and how do you know what’s true? Well, I am here to give it to you straight, and you’ll always get the truth from me. 

This study was out there in the news recently and they want to showcase eggs as the culprit for early death – but this is total BS. It’s not taking into consideration the other things these people ate that might raise cholesterol, or what they are cooking the egg in, or serving them with. What’s more, the study states the exposures were, “Dietary cholesterol (mg/day) or egg consumption (number/day)”, which is certainly misleading.

Let’s crack the case on eggs (see what I did there)

Eggs don’t raise serum cholesterol and the fact that we are still talking about this all these years later is mind blowing. Also, every single study is inconclusive because they don’t want to admit that the meat industry and the food industry, in general, are killing people.

Sugar makes fat. Carbs make fat. If people are over-consuming fruit, bread, pasta, etc on top of eating eggs and red meat, that is the reason they’re clogging their arteries…not because someone eats one little egg for breakfast a few times per week.

Now, let’s talk FACTS.

Fact #1 

Eggs are an eggcellent (see what I did there?) source of protein. Eggs contain 6 grams of protein per serving. Protein helps you feel fuller for longer, which can help prevent overeating throughout the day.

Fact #2 

Eggs are high in vitamins. The nutrition of eggs is hard to find in one single food. This is why they’re so amazing. Eggs have:

  • Vitamin A which boosts your immune system, and reproductive health, and helps prevent eye aging
  • Vitamin D which is good for everything from bone health, your immune system, to life itself
  • Choline which aids in metabolism
  • Vitamin B12 which aids in brain and nervous system functions 
  • Zinc which helps boost your immune system, memory, skin health, and sleep
  • Egg yolks also contain the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which support healthy vision.

Fact #3 

The American Heart Association actually suggests one egg (or two egg whites) per day for people who eat them, as part of a healthy diet.

And don’t skip those yolks! Sure, it’s where that cholesterol is located, but it’s also where all those vitamins and nutrients can be found! And as already discussed, there is really no clear link between egg consumption and the risk of heart disease. Include them as part of your healthy diet and lifestyle. 

My favorite way to eat eggs:

  • Poached! Served with hot sauce, or everything bagel seasoning.
  • Fried or poached on avocado toast
  • Scrambled with veggies

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