Adopt general healthy eating habits and improve your relationship with food.

Work with a registered dietitian nutritionist to optimize your long-term health and prevent chronic disease. Meet virtually, share your nutrition goals, and get started on the path to better health.

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Our Approach to Healthy Eating and Improving Your Relationship With Food

Our registered dietitian nutritionists provide trustworthy guidance that is based on the most up-to-date nutrition science and personalized to your health goals.

Our approach combines evidenced-based nutrition with behavior change support so you can adopt healthy habits, learn practical tools for success, develop empowering routines, and form a positive relationship with food that stays with you.

Work with a Culina Health registered dietitian to:

We Help With

Evidence-based nutrition coaching, delivered with empathy

The Culina Health Method

Attentive and personalized care

A supportive and trusting dietitian/patient relationship

Dietitian training that honors and upholds patients’ cultural values

Proactive collaboration that builds patients’ confidence in navigating food choices

Rigorous pre- and post-care best practices

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Start Your Nutrition Journey With A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

What our patients say

"My dietitian is incredible. During my time with her, I’ve seen a huge progress in my beliefs around food.”

It’s like the years of having a scarcity mindset and being afraid to eat certain foods have gone away. I’m excited to make myself meals knowing I have the tools to make sure my plate is balanced and I don’t have to restrict.

"Her work is so much more comprehensive than nutrition.” 

She takes the full person into consideration and coaches on every aspect of health. As a health professional as well, she was able to add to my current level of understanding of nutrition with her up-to-date research and practical approach. She is the definition of a true professional, and at the same time is incredibly kind and warm.

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See a virtual registered dietitian with insurance coverage