Explore Our Membership Program

An affordable out-of-pocket option for nutrition care (and some perks, too).

The majority of Culina Health patients access care through their health insurance, but we’re making it possible for everyone to see a registered dietitian — regardless of insurance status.

What You Get

One-on-one virtual nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian nutritionist

The ability to chat with your dietitian in real-time for advice and accountability

A personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plan with real-life tools for success

The Culina Health mobile app with access to your goals, recipes, health resources, education handouts, and more

Nutrition-related assessments and lab recommendations

Exclusive access to Culina Health Loyalty Perks (new program rolling out in 2024!)

Your Membership Options


$99 initiation fee

Month 1
One 60-minute intro session
Two 30-minute follow-ups

Subsequent Months
Two 30-minute sessions/month

$169 per month


$99 initiation fee

Month 1
One 60-minute intro session
Three 30-minute follow-ups

Subsequent Months
Three 30-minute sessions/month

$239 per month


$0 initiation fee

Month 1
One 60-minute intro session
Three 30-minute follow-ups

Subsequent Months
Four 30-minute sessions/month

$299 per month



What’s the difference between going through my insurance and setting up a membership?

We offer the Culina Health membership as an option for patients who are not covered by insurance or who do not wish to use their insurance policies, such as those who have high deductibles that have not been met. Membership sessions are entirely paid for by your monthly dues, and there will be no claims to submit to insurance.

When is the initiation fee due?

The new member initiation fee is due at sign-up.

When will my monthly membership fees be billed?

Payment will be billed on the same date each month, starting on the date you sign up. For memberships purchased on the last day of the month, memberships will renew on the last day of each month that is shorter than the month of sign-up.

What happens if I don’t use all my sessions in a month?

Unused membership sessions do not carry over month to month, and Culina Health will not refund any unused monthly sessions. Memberships can, however, be canceled or paused at any time prior to the next billing cycle. You may use all allotted sessions within the month of cancellation.

What is the cancellation and reschedule policy?

Canceled and rescheduled session requests must be made more than 24 hours before the scheduled session date and time. For cancellation and rescheduling requests made within 24 hours of the scheduled date and time, patients will be charged a $25 fee. This fee will be waived once per month. 

What happens if I cancel within my first two months?

If membership is canceled prior to the completion of your introductory month plus one full month of follow-up sessions, you will be charged at a standalone rate of $225 for your initial session and $100 for any follow-up sessions. Your membership payment will be applied towards this fee.

Will my insurance reimburse membership fees?

Fees associated with your Culina Health membership cannot be submitted for reimbursement.

What if I sign up for a membership and later choose to use insurance coverage for my sessions?

While we cannot retroactively apply your insurance benefits to sessions completed during your membership, we will assist you in switching your payment method over to insurance coverage once we receive your information.