A holistic and personalized approach to nutrition.

Getting healthy is hard. Life is demanding and time is limited, there's way too much contradictory information out there, and bad habits are tough to break. 

This is exactly why healthcare should be personalized to meet your complex and unique needs.  At Culina Health, our coaching program combines evidenced-based nutrition with health coaching techniques to help you understand and overcome the physical, mental, environmental, and behavioral challenges getting in the way of reaching your goals. We help our clients achieve realistic and sustainable results with trustworthy education and resources, unwavering support, and real-life tools for success.

Our team of Registered Dietitians are well versed in treating a variety of health concerns and clinical conditions. From basic healthy eating, to managing diabetes and overcoming disordered eating, we got you covered. We’re here for you every step of the way with personalized nutrition and supplement recommendations, practical meal planning guidance, and strategies to heal your relationship with food and adopt healthy habits. 

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We know that making change is hard, so we make working together easy.

How It Works


In follow up coaching sessions, we will review your goals, explore and resolve your challenges, create new opportunities to grow and build on your strengths. You’ll then have the opportunity to discuss any topic you’d like. We’ll finish the session by setting new goals for your next meeting.

Follow-up Sessions


During your first 60-minute coaching session we’ll work together to review your health journey, identify your strengths and challenges, and set goals. This process is completely collaborative so you don’t have to worry about setting goals that you’re not ready to work on. At the end of the first session we’ll get started right away with creating behavioral goals to work on until your next meeting. We’ll provide you with resources, tools, and education you need to reach your goals.

First Session


You’ll provide us with background information via a secure online initial questionnaire before your first session so we’re well-informed of your past and present physical, mental, and overall wellness. 

Before Your Visit


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"Working with my dietitian has truly changed my attitude towards nutrition. When we first met, I was struggling to keep my sugar levels in check and making bad decisions despite my best intentions. Yes, she was able to create a program that matched my goals but, more importantly, she was able to integrate good nutrition into my existing lifestyle rather than changing it completely. To date I’ve dropped my A1C from a 9 to a 5.4 and lost almost 60 lbs in the process)! " 

- Suzanne H

"I wanted to lose weight, but more importantly, I wanted to figure out what works for me to maintain it. About 9 months after working with my dietitian, I am 25 pounds lighter and have kept it off for about 4 months - a really impressive achievement for me! I am also more active and don't feel like I am dieting or "watching what I eat" - this is just my lifestyle. I've most valued having her as a partner in my health. I feel really confident in my ability to maintain my weight loss, and have all the tools I need. I also am so much more attuned to what my body needs."  

 - Marina L

"Seeing my dietitian has honestly changed my life. Before working with her, I was about 20 lbs overweight and not getting nearly enough exercise. I'd spend time looking at before and after photos of others, wishing I could do the same. Working with my dietitian made it easy as it was not about overhauling my life, but about implementing subtle changes until I developed better, healthier habits. I’ve been able to create an actual lifestyle where I regularly workout in a way that benefits me physically and mentally, and I make healthier choices , even while still enjoying foods that I love. I am not on a diet, but rather have changed the way I look at and value fitness, nutrition and overall wellness for the better."

- Jackie U

"Overall, I lost about 18 pounds from my last visit to the doctor. My good cholesterol, which had been stuck at 37 for a long time was 53, and my doctor removed one of my blood pressure medications. Thanks again for your help and guidance, it's made a definite impact on my health."

- Chris P.

"When I initially started with my dietitian, I believed recovering from an eating disorder involved being bullied and shamed by a nutritionist into eating what was “right”. Her warmth, empathy, and sense of humor have allowed me to develop a new understanding of food and nutrition, one that comes from a place of care instead of a place of punishment. Not only has she helped me grow away from unhealthy behaviors, she has expanded my world view and allowed me to accept myself as I am, body, mind, and spirit. She gave you the resources to set your own goals and the support and space you need to grow. Thank you for teaching me what it means to be truly nourished."

- Chloe D

 "After trying paleo, whole 30, and Noom, without success, I began working with my dietitian. She was helpful in figuring out things like eating intentions when traveling, pre-workout meals, how to address high cholesterol, and determining a supplement routine, among other things. Throughout my journey we have focused on a healthy and sustainable weigh loss plan that can be executed in my lifestyle. The one quality I most appreciate is her encouragement, reminders to give myself grace when facing challenges and celebrating successes even when small. I’ve lost over 15 pounds, my cholesterol is down, heart burn has stopped and I feel much happier and healthier."

- Kevyn D

What to expect.

Our goal is to help you feel hopeful, excited, understood, motivated, challenged, empowered and supported throughout your journey to good health.

Keep in mind that creating lasting change takes time, for this reason we usually see our clients for a minimum of 3-months. Generally, more frequent sessions support a more intensive change process and often faster results. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions are usually ideal for new clients. 


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