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Women, LGBTQIA+, Men, Older adults

About Mallory

Mallory has always been a foodie. She had been considering going to medical school, but found that nutrition was the perfect way to combine a career in healthcare with her love for food. Mallory also knows what it’s like to be told to lose weight because of experiences she had as a child, so can relate to many people in that way as well. 

Get To Know Mallory

Favorite cultural dish or comfort food: Pasta

Favorite thing to purchase at the farmer’s market or grocery store: Exotic fruit

Favorite nutrient-packed snack: Jicama with lime and sea salt

Grocery shopping tip: Go into the store with a list!

What’s one small thing someone can do today to work toward a balanced eating pattern/lifestyle? Increase your intake of non-starchy vegetables! It could be adding a vegetable to your meal or upping the portion if you already have one. Either way, your body will thank you for the added fiber and vitamins.

How has your cultural culinary heritage shaped your approach to nutrition, and do you incorporate any traditional practices into your counseling? I come from a very “food-focused” family, meaning we always gathered around the table together. Some of the greatest moments of my life were celebrated around the table with the people I love the most. I believe that food is something to be celebrated, not restricted!

Nutrition philosophy in a nutshell: Every food can fit into a balanced diet. With a little creativity, anything is possible!



MS in Dietetics & Nutrition from Florida International University

Dietetic Internship:
Florida International University

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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