Phoowanai (Phoo) Ektheerachaisakul



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LGBTQIA+, Men, Neurodivergent Patients, Older adults, Patients with ADHD/ADD, Patients with ASD, Patients with depression, Patients with GAD, Patients with learning disabilities, Patients with OCD, Patients with PTSD/history of trauma, Women

About Phoo

Phoo has cultivated his knowledge and expertise in medical nutrition therapy in various hospital systems in New York City. His interests in lifestyle nutrition is something that was brought up from being raised as a child of immigrants. He learned about how food unites us, teaches us about who we are, and has a strong cultural influence on our lives. He is devoted to providing evidenced-based, patient-centered nutrition care for all those in need to reach their lifestyle goals while continuing to celebrate their individual food cultures. Before joining the Culina Health team, Phoo worked as a critical care dietitian in the medical intensive care unit at Kings County Hospital.

Get To Know Phoo

Favorite cultural dish or comfort food: Spicy foods

Go-to morning beverage: Coffee

Favorite thing to purchase at the farmer’s market or grocery store: Peppers

Sleep ritual I never forget: Breathing exercises

What I listen to for inspiration: Piano classical music

Favorite recipe: Authentic Thai Green Curry Chicken

Favorite nutrient-packed snack: Dried fruits and nuts

Favorite book/TV show/movie: Scrubs

Grocery shopping tip: Make a shopping list.

What’s one small thing someone can do today to work toward a balanced eating pattern/lifestyle? Explore what food means to you and be open minded about food ideology.

A mindful eating moment you had recently: Listen to how your body tells you about the feelings of fullness, hunger and thirst and compare with your typical eating habits and patterns.

A habit you swear by: Maintain adequate hydration.

What’s your nutrition superpower? Creating a safe space to talk about the impact of nutrition and health.

How has your cultural culinary heritage shaped your approach to nutrition, and do you incorporate any traditional practices into your counseling? Thai cuisine focuses on multiple flavor profiles, including sweet, sour, salty, savory, and spicy in each dish. It also emphasizes the pairing of meats and seafood with various herbs and spices to be shared with friends and family over rice and vegetables. We encourage more than one way to enjoy a meal, depending on what is being served. Within my practice, I strive to teach my patients multiple approaches to their eating habits and patterns. By providing various tools and resources, such as a Thai recipe, they are bound to succeed in their nutrition goals.

Nutrition philosophy in a nutshell: Lifestyle nutrition has always been an interest of mine especially as a child of immigrants. Being raised in New York City has exposed me to the diverse food culture all throughout the boroughs. Despite the current state of the world, one thing we all look forward to when in the comfort of our homes is coming together with friends and family over a nice meal. Food unites us, teaches us about who we are, and has strong cultural influence on our lives. Our eating habits affect every facet of our health, and with proper guidance, we can optimize our nutrition to improve quality of life and longevity. I am devoted to providing evidence-based, patient-centered nutrition are for all those in need to reach their lifestyle goals while continuing to celebrate their individual food cultures.

Nutrition myth or trend you find particularly annoying and would like to set the record straight: The pH of the water you drink does not have any health benefits!

English, Thai

BS in Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietetic Internship:
Queens College CUNY

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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