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About Megan

As a competitive swimmer in high school, Megan became interested in learning how food could improve her performance. Unfortunately, the information she received from coaches was unspecific and often left her with more questions than answers. Even as Megan entered adulthood, she still felt confused by the mixed messages she received from family, friends, and the media about diet and exercise. Eventually, she decided enough was enough and pursued a Master’s degree in clinical nutrition. She loves that she can now apply evidence-based research to optimize her patients’ (and her own!) health and athletic performance. Before joining the Culina Health team, Megan worked as a Manager at Montefiore Medical Center.  

Get To Know Megan

Favorite cultural dish or comfort food: I cant choose! Lahmajun, pearl meatballs with sticky rice, mango shaved ice, mango sticky rice, and my famous Christmas beef Wellington.

Go-to morning beverage: Coffee with oat milk creamer

Favorite thing to purchase at the farmer’s market or grocery store: I almost always have a bag of baby spinach in my cart. Easiest and most palatable way for my husband and I to get our greens in.

Favorite nutrient-packed snack: Douhua (preferably with lots of ginger syrup)

Favorite book/TV show/movie: Books: The Martian, Ready Player One, Harry Potter. Movies/TV: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel movies, Great British Baking Show, Nailed It!, Parks and Recreation, Community

Grocery shopping tip: Avoid going to the grocery store on an empty stomach. And go with a list!

What’s one small thing someone can do today to work toward a balanced eating pattern/lifestyle? Find movement that brings you joy, or find ways to make movement joyful. My personal tactics are to immerse myself in a good book or to get lost into some moving music.

A habit you swear by: Buying pre-cut vegetables. Life’s too short to spend time cutting onions.


Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, New York University

Dietetic Internship:
New York University & Montefiore Medical Center

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Counseling Style:

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