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Adults, LGBTQIA+, Men, Neurodivergent Patients, Older adults, Patients with ADHD/ADD, Patients with ASD, Patients with depression, Patients with GAD, Patients with learning disabilities, Patients with OCD, Patients with PTSD/history of trauma, Peds: 0-1 year, Peds: 2-5 years, Peds: 6-11 years, Women

About Punnya

I became interested in the field of dietetics after I took an elective course called Cookery in high school. This class got me interested in health from a completely different perspective. I was given the opportunity to learn the basics of food science, human development and the relationship between nutrition in the lifecycle as well as disease states. This really excited me and I knew immediately that being a dietitian was my calling.

Get To Know Punnya

Favorite cultural dish or comfort food: Dosa or sushi

Go-to morning beverage: Water

What I listen to for inspiration: Songs by my favorite Indian singers

Favorite nutrient-packed snack: Fruit, crackers, cheese, and chocolate!

Favorite book/TV show/movie: When Breath Becomes Air/Friends/too many favorite movies

Grocery shopping tip: Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach

What’s your nutrition superpower? My ability is to relay nutrition information in the simplest way possible, as well as guiding my patients with recommendations that are sustainable to them.

How has your cultural culinary heritage shaped your approach to nutrition, and do you incorporate any traditional practices into your counseling? Through my extensive cultural culinary background, I’ve developed profound appreciation for the diverse world of food. Exploring the intricacies of dishes and their historical significance has allowed me to grasp the scientific and heartfelt elements woven into the art of cooking by my ancestors.

Understanding the interwoven nature of culinary traditions have instilled in me a deep respect for cultural diversity and this perspective greatly influences my nutrition practice, enabling me to connect effortlessly with patients from various backgrounds. By honoring and embracing each unique cultural heritage, I provide personalized nutrition solutions that resonate with patients’ beliefs, lifestyle and preferences.

Nutrition philosophy in a nutshell: Nutrition is understanding why you eat what you eat. Nutrition is not black and white, it has many different layers that needs to be taken into consideration before recommendations or choices are provided or accepted.

Nutrition myth or trend you find particularly annoying and would like to set the record straight: Too many.. but currently fear mongering influencers in the grocery stores.

English, Malayalam, Hindi

Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, Symbiosis International University

Dietetic Internship:
School of Health Professions, Rutgers University

Counseling Style:

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