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Women, LGBTQIA+, Men, Neurodivergent Patients, Older adults, Patients with ADHD/ADD, Peds: 16-18 years

About Saniyah

Saniyah’s fascination with nutrition blossomed during her teenage years when she observed the remarkable influence a registered dietitian had on her grandfather, who was battling stage IV pancreatic cancer. Despite the cancer’s devastating toll on her grandfather’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being, Saniyah witnessed how his spirits soared in the care of his personal dietitian. This experience ignited her determination to pursue a career in dietetics.

Prior to joining Culina Health, Saniyah gained valuable and extensive experience as a clinical dietitian through the Mount Sinai Health Systems in New York City as well as renal dietitian experience working in dialysis.

Driven by her passion to positively impact lives, Saniyah forms meaningful connections with her patients, and works to promote health and happiness through insightful and empowering care.

Get To Know Saniyah

Favorite cultural dish or comfort food: Spicy chicken curry with fresh herbs and a side of naan

Go-to morning beverage: Green tea

Favorite thing to purchase at the farmer’s market: Pure raw local honey

Sleep ritual I never forget: Nightly skincare routine

What I listen to for inspiration: Lofi/indie beats

Favorite recipe: Margarita chicken fajitas

Favorite nutrient-packed snack: Greek yogurt with a side of fruit and/or granola

Favorite book: The Alchemist by Paul Coelho

Grocery shopping tip: Read nutrition labels!

What’s one small thing someone can do today to work toward a balanced eating pattern/lifestyle? Drink more water then the day before

A mindful eating moment you had recently: Noticing the colors, shape and weight of a Hershey’s kiss chocolate in the palm of my hand.

A habit you swear by: Saving my full grocery shopping list on my phone to make it easier for when I need to reflect on what to buy on a week to week basis.

What’s your nutrition superpower? Practicing mindfulness and gratefulness for the food options I have available to me.

How has your cultural culinary heritage shaped your approach to nutrition, and do you incorporate any traditional practices into your counseling? My cultural culinary heritage plays a significant role in shaping my approach to nutrition. Raised in a Pakistani household, I experienced a vibrant array of flavors, spices, and culinary techniques that emphasized fresh ingredients and balanced meals.

Traditional Pakistani cuisine, known for its aromatic spices, wholesome grains, and abundant produce, forms the foundation of my understanding of healthy eating. Also in Pakistani culture, meals are typically enjoyed as a communal experience, and there’s an emphasis on portion control and mindful eating. I encourage my patients to adopt similar practices by savoring their meals, listening to their body’s hunger and fullness cues, and fostering a positive relationship with food.

Honoring cultural practices is an essential piece of my nutritional counseling. By understanding and respecting diversity in food habits, I can better connect with my patients and tailor nutrition recommendations that align with their cultural preferences and values.

Nutrition philosophy in a nutshell: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Nutrition myth or trend you find particularly annoying and would like to set the record straight: That we all should aspire to have the body type of celebrities or models.


Bachelor’s of Science, Rutgers University; Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, Sage University

Dietetic Internship:
Rutgers School of Health Professions

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