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About Vivian

Vivian was born in Panama City, Panama. She has always loved food and some of her most fond memories are cooking with her mom from an early age. Vivian feels strongly that someone’s cultural foods should always have a place in their lives. Just after high school, Vivian started to work in a hospital as a patient meal assistant, which was when she met a Registered Dietitian the first time and realized that’s what she wanted to do with her career. 

Get To Know Vivian

Favorite cultural dish or comfort food: Pollo guisado with white rice and sweet plantains. This was a Panamanian staple meal growing up, and I love it SO much!

Go-to morning beverage: Coffee. I love making a latte with espresso, oatmilk and a scoop of collagen powder!

Favorite thing to purchase at the farmer’s market or grocery store: I love buying avocados. They are my second favorite food (white rice is the first!) and I eat one every day!

Sleep ritual I never forget: I always turn a fan on when I sleep; I need the white noise!

What I listen to for inspiration: Maintenance Phase podcast — such a great listen for those interested in debunking the junk science behind health fads, wellness scams and nonsensical nutrition advice. It inspires me to continue debunking myths in a humorous way!

Favorite recipe: This Almond butter espresso protein smoothie is a favorite of mine when I want to combine coffee and breakfast.

Favorite nutrient-packed snack: Plain Greek yogurt with ½ cup of frozen wild blueberries (I place them in the microwave for 30 seconds, so they soften) and sprinkle ¼ cup of my homemade seed granola. SO GOOD!

Favorite book/TV show/movie: Favorite movie: Mean Girls and Bridesmaids; Favorite TV show: Schitt’s Creek

Grocery shopping tip: Do not be afraid of convenient foods — frozen brown rice, canned beans, pre-chopped or frozen fruits and vegetables, and ready-to-eat proteins, like rotisserie chicken and canned tuna, are excellent ways to eat nutritious meals quickly! Not everything needs to be made from scratch for it to be nutritious!

What’s one small thing someone can do today to work toward a balanced eating pattern/lifestyle? Make 1/2 your plate vegetables at lunch and dinner: this simple approach can support your health goals! And don’t be afraid of more convenient options like frozen, canned or pre-cut vegetables. Choose the vegetables you like, and don’t be afraid to add flavor!

A habit you swear by: I eat one avocado daily, which supports my digestive health, cholesterol levels and skin health!

Nutrition philosophy in a nutshell: I believe that you do not have to give up on your health or weight goals if you want to improve your relationship with food. My mission is to help others improve their relationship with food while honoring their health and wellness goals.

Nutrition myth or trend you find particularly annoying and would like to set the record straight: Ugh, so many. Where do I start? Detox or cleanses of any kind drive me BONKERS!

More About Vivian

Try Vivian’s healthier buffalo chicken dip recipe!


BS in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the Metropolitan State University of Denver

Dietetic Internship:
The Pennsylvania State University

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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Weight Neutral

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