Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Montclair State University, Master's Degree in Nutrition Science

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Health Coach Training

Amanda is a registered dietitian with a passion for healthy and yummy food, and firmly believes that the two are not mutually exclusive. She works with her clients to create sustainable habitual changes that both help them achieve their goals and enjoy every bite.

A forever foodie, Amanda grew up on family dinners and homemade meals. However, after some college years of cafeteria food and lots of late-night pizza, she quickly learned just how significantly diet and lifestyle can affect all aspects of one’s life – from academic performance, to relationships, to self-esteem. Through years of weight fluctuations, multiple diets, binge eating, and lots of trial and error, Amanda finally found something that worked for her. She learned that the diets, rules and restrictions would never be sustainable. She found comfort in simplicity – simple, wholesome foods, gentle nutrition, and treats in moderation when she craved them. This is the philosophy she shares with her clients.

With writing being her first love, Amanda finished undergrad with a degree in journalism. Soon thereafter she realized her deep and unmoving passion for nutrition, and decided to take the leap. Amanda went on to achieve her Master’s degree in Nutrition Science, and completed her clinical dietetic training through New York University. She specializes in sustainable, non-restrictive weight management, intuitive eating, relationship with food and body image, diabetes management, cardiovascular health, healthy eating for college students, and disease prevention.

Amanda now works as a clinical dietitian in a New Jersey hospital, a private practice dietitian here at Culina Health, and a self-proclaimed home chef, sharing all of her delicious creations on her drool-worthy Instagram page @amanda.ghee. In her spare time, you can find her whipping up simple and delicious recipes (and snapping pictures along the way), snacking on three different flavors of hummus at once, reading nightmare-inducing thrillers, and getting her exercise in via chasing her nieces around until breathless. 

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