Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Montclair State University, Master's Degree in Nutrition Science

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
Health Coach Training

How did you get into nutrition? 

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t working?

How would you describe your counseling style? 

I personally struggled with my weight for years. I tried every diet and had bouts of temporary success, but nothing ever stuck. There were years of intense restriction, years of obsession, and even years of binging too. After lots of trials and tribulations, countless self-help books, and a whole lot of compassion and self love, I’ve finally found the ever elusive *balance* that works best for me. Helping others find it too has become my passion.

Cooking up delicious stuff in my kitchen - shocker, I know. But really, my kitchen is my happy place. I love cooking, baking, and sharing what I create with loved ones. I also run a fun little food Instagram where I share simple recipes along with my favorite meals and snacks, plus nuggets of nutrition wisdom. Check it out @amanda.ghee! 

I have a 360-degree approach to counseling, meaning I take all aspects of the person into consideration: their personality, lifestyle, stress levels, work, movement habits, food preferences, family life, support system, medical history, mental health and – of course – goals. The more I know about my clients, the deeper our trust and the more effective our work together.

This is totally natural and a part of the process! It’s also why I like to celebrate every. single. small win. Whether it’s hitting your water goal, cooking a new recipe, or doing a tough workout, celebrating every small win generates a sense of pride and accomplishment, which translates to motivation for the next week.


Top 3 favorite foods - go!

Sustainable weight loss and management, intuitive eating, improved relationship with food and body image, easy recipes and meal prep, diabetes management, cardiovascular disease management (including high cholesterol and triglycerides, hypertension), healthy eating for college students, and chronic disease prevention

Ice cream (graham cracker flavored ice cream if we're being specific)





Dill pickle flavored chips

CLient Question: I find it impossible to stay motivated to work on my health. How do I change this? 


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