Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

New York University Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Health Coach Training

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How did you get into nutrition? 

What does your ideal day off look like? 

How would you describe your counseling style? 

I suffered from GI issues all throughout college and my early 20s. I was constantly at the doctor's office getting diagnostic tests and trying different medications with little relief. During my senior year of college, I stumbled upon the Paleo diet. While I wouldn't recommend such a rigid eating style for the long haul, it did help me recognize that eating mostly whole foods made me feel so much better. From there I was hooked and wanted to learn all that I could about nutrition for condition management. 

Water, coffee, a smoothie, and five minutes of writing in my gratitude journal. Next up is a workout at The Bar Method or on my Peloton (I'm a big "do it first thing" kind of person because it gives me energy!). A walk along the West Side Highway with my pooch. Lunch followed by a trip to the farmer's market in Union Square to visit my favorite vendors (like Knead Love Bakery and City Saucery). Some self care (think: reading and dog snuggles). Finally, dinner at the local Greek or Italian restaurant with my husband and TV before hitting the hay at 9:30pm. 


Top 3 favorite foods - go!

Pediatric nutrition ages 6+ (picky eating, promoting healthy weight gain, food allergies, prediabetes), adolescent nutrition, family nutrition, food intolerances, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), low-FODMAP diet, weight management, endocrine conditions (including PCOS, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's thyroiditis), general healthy eating & disease prevention

A good piece of crispy salmon




Nut butter of any kind

Pistachio ice cream

I’m results-oriented and big on counseling for behavior change. I use a supportive, client-centered approach to create a nurturing yet productive environment. 

Professional History

I previously worked as a research editor at the Dr. Oz magazine before going back to school for my RD and Master's. I’ve also been teaching barre classes at The Bar Method for 5 years.